week 13

Xue Xia - Mon 22 June 2020, 12:07 am

This week I work on finalizing the prototype and making the portfolio. The remaining work of this week is that finalized and checking the function of the prototype, construct the prototype, record the video, write the document description for the portfolio, and code the portfolio website.

I have tried to use “state change detection" to account for the times of the loop running for setting different lights effect for each time when the LED strip turn on automatically last week. I think it is a reasonable solution, but maybe there is some bug in my code, thus, when I check the functions of the final prototype this week, I found that my code just can let the led strip turn on automatically after it been turned off, but no light effect change because it keeps running the first round (the counter keep showing 0 when I check the monitor). But I have no more chance to solve this problem because I find the problem on the weekend thus I cannot get the tutor’s support. To make the user can do the evaluation, I add another light effect on the ‘void set up’, thus, there are two light effects in my final prototype which is enough for the user to do the evaluation. I have put the LCD print to the 'void set up' as well, which can present that before the user using the machine the assignments' deadline and the task that the remaining hours of the user needs to study will be shown on the LCD screen.

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I have finished the physical part as well, the paper box is used to simulate a wood box. I have written a very simple website that only uses CSS and HTML to put the description and video inside as a portfolio. I have recorded the video of using the machine and have added the subtitle for it as well.

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