Week 13 - Documentation & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sat 13 June 2020, 4:22 pm

This week, I have completed the prototype by incorporating the speaker to it. The Arduino board is then put into the bear to simulate the user interactions. The four leds are placed on the tummy, so that the users can clearly see the colour lighting, the speaker and the pressure sensor are put on the right ear and the mouth respectively for a better user experience, and 4 patches with buttons implemented are the children’s main interaction which are placed on the bears palm and sole.

As the game begin, the bear will welcome the user and briefly introduce how to play the game and then, the users will press any of the patches to start. When the user enter the sequences correctly, the system will output ‘Great job, you have successfully memorised 5 lights’ to encourage the users and notifying them about the progress. If the user insert incorrect value, the system will output ‘you are so close, try again!’ in a friendly tone. I chose the female voice for the audio output since i personally think that the tone is softer and is closer to the the mother’s image.

This week, I was rushing to finish the prototype and start filming the demo. Building the Arduino into the bear took me a lot of efforts since it was relatively hard to stick the components on the fluffy surface and to put the materials in the right position. I have used a cardboard to place the four leds on and use a needle and thread to attach to the bear. Instant glue for rest of the components


The demo went well, however, the video was a bit long due to the long gaming time. The video demonstrated different situations of the product:

  • Welcome and intro
  • Instructions to start the game
  • When the user passed the challenge
  • When the user failed the challenge
  • When the user head to the next challenge
  • When the children squeezed too hard so that they are hurting the toy
  • When the user completed the game

User testing

I have some people testing on my product, and the feedback were mainly positive.

  • The concept and the delivery method is novel
  • The patches/buttons are not sensitive enough
  • The lights are visually engaging as it presents the basic forms of colours and the position within the bear is easy to recognise.
  • The audio feedback is encouraging, however the tone is flat