WEEK 13 Last Week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhea Albuquerque - Wed 3 June 2020, 7:49 pm

Work done

Over the weekend, I finished the outside build of my product. I had to handsaw off the excess paddle pops from the edges of the hexagon. I then hot glued these all together to get the beehive design as seen below. I am now in the process of reorganising the wiring behind the center hexagon. I was going to add lights to the center one but when I did, you could see all the mess behind it as the white material is kind of see-through. I have decided to only have two panels completely working with just the speaker in the center one. I have had to make some compensation for the lack of materials and resources as my final build will not be what I "ideally" wanted it to look like. Despite this, I have been debugging my code and refining some of the actions so that it can show my main features and the viewers will get a broader picture of how it is to work.

Imgur Imgur

I also decided to add a switch to the device. This switch as like an "energy source" in the house. So for example this could be light, TV, fan, or appliance that can be switched on or off by the user. I needed this switch to be there so that the user could demo how Emily would respond to not turning off energy sources.


I also made a last-minute purchase of an SD card module to assist with playing my audio. I had difficulty last week trying to find a voice library that had all the words I needed to make Emily speak. So I found this new tutorial which required an SD card module. I basically just have to record some audio and then convert it to an WAV file at a lower frequency.

Still to do

I am still finalising my portfolio website and trying to convert a lot of my wordy paragraphs into some sort of imagery. I really want my website to be interactive and to express some of my design flare. I also hope to set up my demo room in my house so that my product is well and working prior to the Wednesday for DEMO day.


This week I stumbled upon this website which has a range of design inspirations. Its kinda like Pinterest but without all the ads and other products, they try and sell you!

This site had a lot of artworks and installations that people had made and this intrigued me. I think it's given me enough inspo to complete my project and end the semester. Its just one of those sites where you can scroll for hours looking at cool things.