[Week 13] - Portfolio and Prototype

Sigurd Soerensen - Mon 8 June 2020, 5:52 pm

At the end of last week, I mentioned some issues I had with my prototype. Sadly, both the accelerometer and bend sensor are broken, rendering my prototype unusable. I have spent a lot of time on this subject this semester, but most of the time has been spent trying to solve technical issues, which in the end have stolen countless hours from building a prototype that we can use to gather data from. Given that I've dedicated most of my time to PhysComp, I don't really have any more time to spend to rebuild my prototype if I ever wish to finish my master thesis. It's a sad way to end the semester by having your prototype break down. Luckily I have a couple of pictures, a short video and my test results to show for. The test results are in the end why we made the prototype in the first place.


After Tuesday's stand-up, our team met to discuss how we should work on the team reflection. We ended up with a divide and conquer method, splitting the parts amongst ourselves. Some of us started to write a draft on the team reflection the very same day before we iterated on the text later during the week. Then we proceeded to check if our combined code base worked after everyone had updated their code. This didn't turn out as we expected, we found some new issues that hadn't been there before that didn't allow us to receive data from each other anymore. Moreover, the overall experience and functionality were rather janky and unreliable, as it jumped back and forth between the different states, seemingly at will. Thomas, Tuva and I spent many hours that day trying to figure out what the issue was but were unable to fix the issue. The reason for these issues in the first place is probably a lack of communication and planning out the system ahead of time, which likely would not have been an issue if the semester ran as normal where we could meet up and discuss things in-person. We did discuss a plan B in case we did not get it up and running again, as Thomas and I have our previous combined codebase, where sending and receiving worked on both ends and Tuva and Marie have their individual working code. However, if possible we would like to present one working codebase and functional prototype. For the rest of the week, given that Thomas and I had previously spent the most time on the combined codebase, Tuva volunteered to spend some time fixing the issue, as Thomas and I were falling a bit behind on the thesis.


I did spend some time finishing up my portfolio this week. I've been pushing ahead a bit to finish it ahead of time as I need to spend as much time as possible in the coming weeks on my thesis. Most of what I did on my portfolio for this week was to write down more content and make sure the website was fully responsive and accessible. Working on the portfolio took significantly longer than I expected it to, and it all feels a bit repetitive given that we are re-writing the very same things we have already written about here in the journals, the proposal and in the prototype delivery previously. Also, building the site took more time than expected as I'm not used to working without a framework. I could really see the differences in all the heavy lifting a framework does for you and the time you save as a result of this, but then again, the content is what took the most amount of time.

week13 portfolio prototype