Week 14

Sulaiman Ma - Sat 13 June 2020, 1:18 pm

Design process

Final outcome:

This week, we finalize our project. We used the towel, cardboard, glue to make up the map, as shown below:

imgur imgur imgur


This week I shoot three videos for my portfolio, which are intended experience, final outcome demonstration video, how it works video.


I finished everything in portfolio.


This semester is hard for both us and tutors, we were trying to figure out a new way to keep high-quality education in such a suffering situation. Finally I happy with the final outcome I got and the assistance the teaching team provides.

In the whole process of designing, the hardest part is communication with teammates. Since we do not have a chance to meet up in person, so we need to contact with each other remotely. Initially, we found our efficiency of communication is lower than before, so we were trying to find some ways to enhance our efficiency, so we were trying to use some online tools to help us. And the miro is the best one, it can help us to analyze logic efficiently.

Anyway, this is a special semester for us, and we all will remember it.

Thanks for all!!