Week 2

Wei Cui - Fri 6 March 2020, 2:44 pm

Weekly Reflection

For this week's presentations, I think everyone has shown their understanding of designing for playful and open ended interactions in everyday life. Most of the ideas did good in supporting human values. Although I couldn't get to know every point in tens of presentations, they let me to have a glance at the possibilities of physical computing in many fields. The idea that impressed me the most was Forest Story, an interactive game with the meaning of protecting the habitats of wildlife. I think Kinect technology can be used of its implementation.

After listening to the ideas presented this week, I think I would consider more about novel approach to interact with technology for my own project inspiration. It seems there are different applications worth trying about this topic. The first thing to do is adding different interaction modes of my concept to make it more playful.

Soldering 101

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