Week 2-Refelction

Yuanyuan Wei - Sat 7 March 2020, 12:21 am
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 11:11 pm

About my presentation

In my presentation, I made a big mistake. I feel too much tension, and the performance was not plain sailing. It needs me to rethink profoundly because when you feel nervous, it is difficult to convey my thoughts to the audience accurately. In the next presentation, I need to avoid nervousness, which will make the presentation more attractive.

Presentation Reflection

In this week's presentation, everyone shared their inspiration. We then categorized these inspirations, which will be helpful for subsequent group work.

Below I will record a few memorable cases in meeting. These inspirations are all worth learning for me.

Speaking shooting game

As far as the design concept is concerned, the users of this device can use the device to make the words they say turn into bullets to fight against the enemy. I think this idea is very novel.

The interaction of this design is also novel. Because of the different ways of interaction, the entertainment of the entire device has increased.

From a design perspective, this device also achieves the purpose of decompressing for users.

Smart bedroom

The concept made only home, which is rarely mentioned in the presentation. At the same time, this design is combined with human emotion.

The way of interaction is novel. This smart bed analyzes the user's emotions by identifying data on human features and body.

Interestingly, this design is combined with the concept of emotional triggers of colors. Some other design inspiration can add a similar theoretical basis.

About future work

Due to the travel ban, I missed some activities in the Innovation Lab, which has left me behind other classmates. I hope I can attend these events on time next week. In addition, for the concept of design pitch, after the presentation, Lorna put forward some suggestions for modification, and I need to refine the design concept next week.