week 2

Zhuoran Li - Sun 8 March 2020, 9:59 pm
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 10:01 pm

Reflection on My Concept

In fact, I didn’t get much reflection as I could only join the class remotely this week. But from the journal, I can see that at least some people are interested in my concept. The theme is music visualization, and the string is one form that I think could be suitable. But still, I believe there would be more possibilities.

My favorite point of this concept is that the shape of the string could match many things in nature, like the mountains, the waves, the forest, and the desert, etc. It not only makes the music visible but also makes the beautiful scene hearable. A bridge of our ears and eyes.

One thing I am thinking about is that the poster didn’t describe as much as I want of the concept. Actually, I didn’t think thoroughly about the concept. Many details were added when I drawing the concept. Thus, the poster might lose some of the detail and I didn’t realize it until I review it when presented. Luckily, I got a chance to talk more about the detail in my journal. Another thing about my concept is that I think it is idealized and hard for me to make it come true.

Other Interesting Idea

Melo Catcher

This concept has the same aim as mine, to encourage people to enjoy and create music. It allows more people to interact with it at the same time and the rotation generates different music. The interesting part of this concept I think is that it provides a chance for people, not two or three, I mean, a lot of people to create something together. This would be something they has never done before. And I could not stop but thinking about the possibility that this piece of music might be extraordinarily beautiful. Then the experience might influence their life.

However, I think it is important to provide people unlimited choices so that the creation would never reach the end. Thus, how could this concept give people choice as the only interaction is rotation? What’s more, the size of the box would influence how people would interact with it. The screen is also a part that we can do something about it. Like how the screen displays the music or maybe people can interact with it.

Running Hand

This concept really attracts me as I love 2d video games so much. Before I see the concept, I think the best way to play 2d games is the controller, but now I get something new to looking forward to. I would definitely try this if it can work. With a mini running machine, this concept would not require much space to play a game. But I am wondering how this would control the high of jumping.

This interesting point is that even this is just a simple beginning of control the game by a physical way, it can expand to many possibilities. In the game, there is not just running and jumping, players also need to fight, talk to NPC, operate some triggers. So, how these things can be interacted with could be deeply thought about.