Week 2 - Concept Critiques and Answers

Anshuman Mander - Sat 7 March 2020, 3:59 pm


Here is an update to the Idea Inspiration which answers a few questions that fellow mates had. After going through the critique sheets, I saw some of the concerns and questions regarding the concept surface. Below are the main questions of critiques -

  • How can the mat know what you do?

The mat detect body movements of a user through multiple sensors. An example of these sensors is pressure sensor, which detects distributuion of body weight, which can analyse the activity you are trying to do.

  • How does the mat respond differently to different users?

Before the start of the exercises, you can calibrate the mat to your body shape by simply lieing on it. This activity tells the mat about your shape, any deformities, structural problems and your current health status. The AI in mat keeps these factors in mind when trying to help you exercise.

  • Why didn't you use light and sound to support user?

When users exercise, the robots help them via physically touching their body and supporting their posture. Using any other sense when touch sense is already present seems redundant. If any other sense could help users, they would be definately be included.

Also, other critique's included suggestions for the mat - massage feature for recovery, goal tracking & usage of foam for robot material. These all look like a great addition to the Smart Fitness Mat and I 100% support these. ;-]