Week 2 - Contact and Soldering.

Anshuman Mander - Thu 5 March 2020, 11:09 am

Ahoy Lads,

This week, all students had to present their ideas in the studio session. Moreover, I attended Soldering 101 session. My experience with both activities are summarised below

Contacts -

The contacts consisted of myriads of 2 minute presentations. Fair effort was put in by everyone during the task and many clear themes could be seen during the presentations. The most common theme that I noticed was: expressing emotions through various stimuli (mainly music and colours). Another apparent theme was the manipulation of behaviour via discomfort or imbalance of ordinary. At the end of Wednessday contact, the students came up with several themes which are shown below :

Imgur Imgur

The themes I would like to take part in would be -

  1. Negative Reinforcement - Cause who doesn't like to mess with other people. Interest's prime reason is the fine line between harm, crime and negative reinforcement.
  2. Emotion as Input - It would be because of novel inputs. Not just emotion but also weird inputs that achieve reasonable goals seem unusual enough to push for.
  3. Promoting Social Interaction - This category in my perspective crosses with negative reinforcement (since social awkwardness can be negative reinforcement). I just want to push people to awkward scenario's to test the what qualifies as a promotion of social interaction.

Soldering -

This week, I attended the Soldering 101 session, wherein I got to create an a basic circuit. Not gonna lie, at first I started soldering on the plastic side, not knowing the difference. Thankfully, my neighbour realised it just as I started and before it was sad enough to redo the soldering. Then, I was able to produce the circuit as shown below. The only part remaining was soldering the battery but except for that, circuit works so a self pat on the back ;)