Week 2 Critique Reflection

Annan Yuan - Sun 8 March 2020, 7:24 pm
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 1:00 am

Peer Critique

This week is about the idea presentation, I was a little bit nervous when I did the pitch but still enjoyed the ideas sharing. I reviewed all the feedbacks and generally speaking, my ideas and requirements are consistent. Still, there are some questions about the recording parts, maybe showing where the records are is necessary from the comments. I'd love to do more research and even some user testing since I notice that I thought the process of looking for the records can be fun but it also can be a problem.


  1. Some like it would be difficult to find the records.
  2. Digital only
  3. How do we know which area has a voice or not?
  4. Nice for a family get together, spend time with friends
  5. A very unique concept, almost like magic
  6. I like how it extends things that most people already have and use different physical interaction would be good.


The feedback 4, 5, 6 are quite positive which bring me confidence in my ideation and also encourage me to go further, exploring deeper of the concept.

The feedback 1, 2, 3 are contributional suggestions. They point ou the limitation of my idea which can be improved. For example, feedback 1 and 3 are more user experience focused advise. They remained me to pay attention to what the users need, not only what I preferred since I am not the target audience that the concept is designed for. In this case, user testing is a necessary step in the design process through interviews, surveys, and so on. As this recording presentation is been mentioned, it can be an option to compare with the original one from potential users in the future.

The second feedback focused on the way of presenting the idea. It does shake my mind about the design of the idea. Is it a somewhat singular presentation? Is physical interaction insufficient? This suggestion let me think over my idea and find the space to improve my idea to make my idea be more enhanced.

I was also impressed by some ideas in this week's session. There are a few themes I am interested in, like things about emotion, etc.