Week 2 - Documentation & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sat 7 March 2020, 2:10 pm
Modified: Fri 10 April 2020, 3:14 pm

Idea generate process

At first, I was't quite sure about what is the outcome should be and was frustrated about lacking suitable ideas. However, I have came up with two rough ideas:

The first one is the travel neck pillow with massage machine implemented. The product will detect the users heart rate and the muscle tenseness to determine their stress level and then will automatically the release the users stress.

The second ideas is the presented one: the shoes that determines the users' mood and chooses the most suitable playlist. I have chosen the second idea as my final outcome since it is more related to my needs and the inspiration also comes from personal experience.


Feedback from lecturer and peers:

  1. Express interest in the colour spectrum that represent people's emotions from the sensors and will be shown on the shoes
  2. Concerns towards whether the shoes will be able to detect human emotions.
    • Research has shown that it is possible to recognise human emotions based on body action, such as rhythmic movements represented happiness and sudden and advancing movement represented anger. (Melzer A, Shafir T, Tsachor R.P, 2019)
  3. After detecting the users emotions, the system can play music that relieve their stress and anger in order to enhance their mental health.
    • The idea is technically achievable, since research have raised the idea of music can boost people's happiness and reduce anxiety. (Boothby S, 2017)

Others ideas

During the session, we are giving out critiques to others ideas and grouping the posters into different categories in order to generate themes for future work.

There are several ideas that I am interested in:

  1. The smart wardrobe
    • In the previous courses, I have developed a project based on similar concept. The method the people present it is very interesting since it connects daily outfits to personal schedules and the weather forecasting, which is highly customised and thoughtful.
  2. Smash it
    • This idea is suitable for modern society since people usually have a high level of stressfulness in their daily life. As an individual, I would likely to experience the final outcome and monitor the results of how it impacts me.

Soldering 101 Induction

The session was quite interested for me. Since as an IT student, there isn't a lot of opportunities to expose to the hardware and build a simple lightbulb circuit. I was a bit confused in the beginning since I have little experience towards breadboard, but with the help from tutors, I was able to finish soldering and successfully light up the bulb.

Imgur Imgur


  • Melzer A, Shafir T, Tsachor R.P, 2019, How Do We Recognize Emotion From Movement? Specific Motor Components Contribute to the Recognition of Each Emotion


  • Boothby S, 2017, Does Music Affect Your Mood?