Week 2 - Explanation Post (Concept Idea)

Maria Harris - Mon 2 March 2020, 10:18 pm

Good Mem Box


Description Of Concept

The lives of many adults can be stressful and busy. People tend to forsake their wellbeing; they do not take the time to reflect on their day or week. When people do reflect; however, it is much easier to think of the negatives rather than the positives.

Consequently, the Good Mem Box was created for young adults, allowing them to take time each day and think of one good thing that happened that day, or to reflect on all of them at the end of the week.

How the users interact with the concept is through a three-stage process. In the first stage, a theme that their memory falls under is selected from 9 options by pinching a certain area of the puzzle piece. The next stage involves coming up with a word that summarises the good memory. From there, the user can input the first letter by pinching multiple spots on the piece. Each letter has a unique area to be pinched. The last stage comprises the displaying of a list of drawings/symbols which relate to the theme and first letter. How the users will select the option is by tracing the drawing on the puzzle piece. They also have an option to pick ‘Other’, allowing them to trace their own drawing by pushing their finger down on the puzzle piece and moving it.

Once done, each puzzle piece will be placed, face-up, in the box. At the end of the week, the display will show the drawings once all pieces have been connected and are in the box. This will not only allow the user to reflect and remember the things that happened, but also allow their family and friends to see them too and, perhaps, encourage them to share their good memories.


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