Week 2-- Explanation Post

Jiayu Li - Fri 6 March 2020, 9:13 pm


Smart Fridge


My ideas come from my own experience, I usually put the food in the fridge and forget to eat them, and miss the best time to eat it. I think that if the fridge can remind people the out of date of the food, that will be very helpful and convenient for people. The smart fridge will help people to take care of people’s food.

In my concept, the smart fridge should have 3 main functions.Weight, light and screen


this is the main function of the smart fridge, which can calculate the weight of food and calories. This can be very helpful for people who are keeping fit.


There will be a light to mention people if the food will out of date.


A screen on the fridge can tell people how to use the food in the refrigerator to make dishes.

  • Example: User just buy a fresh tomato from the supermarket, he can select the "tomato" on the screen and put it in the fridge, the smart fridge will calculate the data of the tomato, type the shelf life of the tomato. The light will change the light color, it is used to remind the user to eat this food before missing the best time to eat. There also will be some recommendations on the screen about how to make dishes by using this tomato.