Week 2 - Idea feedback

Tuva Oedegaard - Sun 8 March 2020, 7:48 pm

Add on about the feedback

After the feedbacks written by my peers were posted I had a look to see what comments were written about my idea. There was a limited number of comments, but everyone tagged the idea to be both novel and clearly communicated. Some comments mentioned that this would be a cool idea, and that it could be interesting to add on several interaction types, not just holding and that would be it. One suggestion was to match the tunes/sounds with an existing song instead of composing a new idea, which could be an interesting take to it. Another comment questioned whether music would make people happier in a hectic condition. It would be an interesting take to experiment with different sort of emotions and purposes of the music - is it just to have a fiddle while being bored at the bus? Maybe it could trigger some sort of emotions, either enhance how they are already feeling or aim to do the complete opposite? A controversial version would be to intentionally trigger sadness/anger.