week-2-Idea Pitch

Sulaiman Ma - Tue 3 March 2020, 1:27 am

Title of the Concept: Cook the World

A3 Sketch




Cooking is one of the most important activities I do every day. Since Chinese food usually requires people to do stir fry in a pan, and normally people will spend much time to use the spatula to mix the food every day. So I am thinking about how to make the boring cooking process more fun.


The problem I am addressing is to make the cooking process more interesting, and also promote people to eat healthily to provide them a healthy life.


The concept is designed for people who usually cooking but feel bored with the process. By using this application, everything gets more fun. Because you can see yourself cook a unique world of your own. Your materials in the pan will change the composition of this world, and your heating and seasoning will change the weather and ecology of this world. Your healthy diet will make the world more and more beautiful, and the character in the world will become bigger and stronger.

#cooking#visualization#health#produce fun#game