Week 2: Project Inspiration - DrumBeats

Nelson Gregory - Tue 3 March 2020, 4:51 am


We have illuminating keyboards to teach us how to play the piano, so why don’t we have illuminating drums to teach us how to play the drums?

DrumBeats brings drumming to life through the use of a modular LED lighting and sound sensing kit. Although LED lighting kits for drums already exist in the market, none of these kits provide a learning feature to users, similar to what’s available for musical keyboards.

Synthesia is a popular piano trainer available on both desktop and mobile platforms, and teaches pianists how to play piano in a fun way. The users simply plugs their keyboard or piano into their device, and the application displays “falling” notes on the screen, much like the popular game “Guitar Hero”, but with real instruments. The users are expected to press the keys at the right time and for the right duration and are notified of their score and performance at the end of the song.

DrumBeats aims to bring a similar experience to drummers, to make learning how to play the drums more fun and immersive. Novice drummers are expected to develop their rhythm and timing when learning new songs. Seasoned drummers can also use this tool in creative manner by creating custom light shows to support their performances. DrumBeats could also potentially include light up drum sticks, which show the drummers which hand to use when hitting a particular drum, or as another lighting effect, further immersing the user in their drumming experience.

It is a well-known fact that music is probably the most popular thing in the world. This means that people from all kinds of backgrounds, and of all ages, are likely to enjoy the additional visual experience and feedback that DrumBeats provides when playing and/or learning the drums.



Synthesia - The Piano Learning Game

DrumLite - LED Drum Lighting Kit

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