Week 2 - Project Presentation

Sheryl Shen - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:25 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 11:44 pm

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‘YOUR shoes' is a pair of shoes with sensors and leds implemented. The main feature of the product is that it can detect the users emotions based on the movements and pace, and then determine which playlist is most suitable for their current mood. It can be used for the general public with little limitation since the product can be easily accessed and navigated.

It has the following features:
  • Detect your emotion based on your pace, movement and play music based on the results

ex, fast pace may because of the negative mood or have something urgent, so the music may have fast rhythm

  • Show your emotion with colour spectrum
  • Record personal exercise information (how many floors and distance you have gone through for the day)
The product comes with an app, which has 2 main functions:
  1. Review the logs the sensors recorded. ex, moving pace, calories consumed
  2. Collaborate with the music provider to select appropriate playlists
  • When a person is running, which has high frequency paces, she might be exercising. The music can be rhythmic, so that it suits the needs for the users.
  • When a person have limited activities, the system will know the user is probably sitting, so that the soft music will be played.
  • The token exercise we have done in DECO1800. One of the ideas is that the token present individuals emotions by colours, so that each other will understand if the others are in the emotion to chat.
  • Personal experience: When I walk on the street, it feels frustrated to pick the right music for the mood at the moment and is quite dangerous of doing so. Thus, I imagined that it would be really helpful if there is an item that can detect your emotions and pick the right music for you.
Future Development Resources:
  • Recognising human emotions from body movement and gesture dynamics


  • An application that works out how you feel and determines the suitable music


  • Recognise emotion from movement


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