Week 2 Reflection

Peiquan Li - Sun 8 March 2020, 11:16 pm

Pitch feedbacks & reflections

During Wednesday's pitch, I received many useful feedbacks which will help me to generate some improvements. I picked up some comments and linked below:


I summarized these comments into several points:

  • Privacy issue: I got some concerns about ethical issues that Naomi might record people's private talking. In the original idea, the device will only record sounds when people turn on the knob. Maybe the setting needs to be changed, like avoid recording human voice in software development.
  • Have common features with existing products: some comments mentioned about the connection with Google Glass. I admit that this idea is based on the Mixed Reality platform, so the interactions might be similar to existing products in the market.
  • Lack of physical interactions: I got some advice that it would be better for these sounds to be stored in a physical thing. I think that makes sense for this course's ambition, the original idea is relying on digital technologies and lack of physical constructions. And there is a comment about why using VR, music is about to hear and by hand. I admit that novel interactions need to be brought into my idea. In the following weeks, I will work on it.

During this week's sessions, I listened to others' pitches and got some inspirations from their ideas.

Melo Catcher

I think this idea has common design purposes as mine, a device for music creators. The most thing it inspires me is that it brings physical, playful interaction during the music creation process by using controllers and handles, mine is lack of physical interactions. Controlling soundtracks in a virtual environment does not seem to meet the brief.

Also, this idea allows multiple people to join this music creation journey together in real life, which brings more fun to this device, while mine only allows users to work together online, which reduces social activities.

I learned a lot from this pitch and the next step is to come up with some new ideas about bringing playful and novel interactions to develop this idea.


Imgur Imgur

This soldering induction is a tutorial about basic soldering skills, we were introduced by a board as we have used in DECO7230's Arduino. And then use solder to build a simple connection board. Through this section, I have learned some soldering skills and hope it will help me in microelectronic area.


This section is about introducing some rules before using 78-207. I think this section is essential for using lab equipment for safety concerns. Now I know some general rules:

  • Make the lab clean, not just your area.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, make sure to ask tutors for guidance and support.
  • Before cutting woods, use tools to keep them stable and prevent from slipping.
  • If you have wire cross the path, use a cover.
  • Some basic instructions for some special tools.