Week 2 - Smart Fitness Mat (Project Ideas)

Anshuman Mander - Mon 2 March 2020, 7:53 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 10:53 pm


My idea is a Smart Fitness Mat

Inspiration - The technology in thwe mat is based on microbots from movie Big Hero 6. Microbots are these micro sized robots , which could be combined together to form any object the user desires. You can read further here

Initial inspo for mat was this tech where people were trying to mimic touch via a suit.

The idea - At first, the concept began with a mat can be used to coach exercise from far distances by combining microbots and sensing technology. This seemed a good idea but then I wondered what I think of future as. Hence the initial design came to a close after researching more about the future being autonomous.

Now, the idea is to use microbots like robots embedded in the mat to assist the person exercising. Multiple microbots would be present within the fitness mat and they would come together to the aid of user, detecting their needs (autonomously). So, these autonomous robots would detect movement of user, analyse the task they are trying to perform and then automatically assist them via one of three basic functionalities -

  1. To make fitness equipment - As can be seen in the poster, robots can make equipments according to needs of user. The mat detects the gestures of user and presents the desired equipment automatically.
  2. To prevent injuries - It is often that unexperienced people get injured while performing an exercise. The robots look out for your body movements and makes sure you are not overstretching or harming yourself in any manner.
  3. To correct posture - Many people do exercise without paying proper attention to their posture, which can render the exercise useless. Microbots guides you into completing your exercises effectively.

Additionally, the mat is customised to a individual's body and hence can also help people with body defects or disabilities exercise.

To conclude, the mat is like a training coach but in form of a mat :-)