Week 2 --Soldering 101 Induction

Jiayu Li - Fri 6 March 2020, 10:32 pm
Modified: Thu 14 May 2020, 6:48 pm

I had Soldering 101 Induction this week.

This is my first time soldering. I didn't learn how to connect the circuits in-depth, so there were some problems at the beginning of the connection, although it was a simple circuit connection problem, however, I didn't know how to connect them to the breadboard, so I spent a lot of time in the beginning. Through the tutor's explanation and help, I successfully lit the led lamp.

Imgur Imgur

The next step is the soldering process, I also get some trouble on this. Due to the limited length of each fitting cable, I had to arrange all the parts in a proper position. The switch needs to be on the back of the board to fit in the box. The distance between the parts makes soldering easier.

After soldering, I found that the LED didn't turn on even if I switch it on. Finally, with the tutor's help, I found the problem. I made the LED in the wrong direction.

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