Week 3.33 Entry 27: You Can (Not) Escape Deadlines

Amraj Singh Sukhdev Singh - Mon 16 March 2020, 10:25 pm
Modified: Mon 16 March 2020, 10:26 pm

So why not prepare things ahead of time instead?

We may be in a bit of a time capsule being here in week (null), but that doesn't mean there still isn't a chance to think through what we're really going to do haha!

I went over some of the discussion the group has had over the weekend, and took the liberty of making notes of what happened. The actual intent is to catalogue what has happened - it's easy to lose track of where we've been, especially after an unexpected break that comes immediately after putting the pedal to the metal.

  • Planktons computer wife from the cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants - and what made that character sassy?
    • sarcasm and dry humour
    • non reactions, not very emotional, very task oriented
    • rarely relying on facial expressions, it was the tone of voice that made that sassy
    • maybe more of an example of verbal sass, with physcomp, we need something that also looks sassy too, preferably
    • taking a look at the adorable tiny robots Alonso made, there's clear,
  • Alonso Martinez's robots - very cute tiny robots that sit on the desk
    • More importantly, built with a philosophy of having a personality trait or several
    • for example, bouncing on the desk, or being a tiny creature that you can interact with
    • while theres lighting inside Mira - and gaze detection too... those actually kinda took away from the main appeal, the initial simplicity
    • Perhaps its worth it to nail the look and feel (the persona?) of the technology before designing it?
    • but emotional goals are going to be interpreted differently by different people... what if people think it looks uncanny?
  • Some key ideas that might be useful
    • a meaningful physical interaction that is laborious and or memorable
    • like cranking a hand shaft to operate drawing software
    • some manner of feedback from the system that could make you step back and think about what's happening
  • Perhaps teaching software that sasses you by interrupting or messing with your learning?
    • show you the perspective of differently abled people
    • the idea that something out of their control affects their performance, but they still get yelled at anyway
  • Causing chaos through technology by exploiting social conventions
  • what if technology made you interact with different people?
    • dad bot, always disappointed in you
    • some sort of intervention for socially awkward people?
  • What counts as being sassed, vs being annoyed?

  • Technology that follows you around and sasses or interrupts specific interactions
    • like a wall of eyes that follows you around, accompanied by a shopping card that deliberately brakes its wheels to stop you from grabbing junk food
    • in a way, technology bullying you
    • perhaps the bullying could serve a purpose?
    • what if for every decision you make in person, some piece of technology gets right up in your face and asks you why you made your choice?
    • in some ways, this is basically how some marketing surveys from online retailers can be pretty aggressive
  • Animal mimicking technology
    • and also, animating technology
    • how should a piece of technology fold up, deploy, move, etc?
    • move away from static PC's and such
  • The three laws of robotics
    • From Isaac Asimov's novels
    • some robots in fiction sacrifice themselves for people, because peoples lives are perceived to be more valuable
    • what if we had an interaction built around robotrules, and breaking or disabling them?
  • At some points, perhaps text discriptions are unnecessary?
    • maybe a focus on just the detail, the image in one's mind of the interaction is enough to go off of?
    • The boxing robot that taunts you for example, being trash talked while sparing with it is very easy to visualise, so maybe the interaction would be easier to recall too?
Thought Train and Carriages
  • alright, we have all this, maybe drafting or illustrating them will be helpful
    • picturing and storyboarding things can vastly change an interaction, you can see... stress points by "drawing the next few frames with your mind"sorta
    • uncertain what happens if I've lost the