Week 3

Rhea Albuquerque - Thu 12 March 2020, 8:24 am

This week!:

This week was big! We did some major brainstorming with all the themes in the World Cafe activity. We also had a chat with Bash who is a graduate living in the UK. Finally at the end of Wednesday's session we met our teams.

Video Chat:

Hearing from Bash and how he has made a life for himself in the UK was interesting to hear. As a soon to be graduate it was rewarding to hear some advice on life after uni and how to get jobs. One thing that stood out for me from what he was talking about was building a brand for yourself and using your unique qualities to make you stand out from everyone else. The activity where we had to write 50 words about our self was a good one. My last word was confidence. This words means to me being able to do any task with confidence and efficiency. Without needing to rely on others.

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Meeting the team:

I also got to meet my team this week. I have never worked with the guys on my team but I think we have enough diversity, skills and creativity to design and develop a prototype for the exhibition. In preparation for our pitch next week, the team has decided to go away and brainstorm at least 3 ideas to pitch to the team. As a team we will go through each concept and vote on one to move forward with. On Monday we intend on meeting and creating the poster and presentation for Tuesday's contact. My ideas:

Title: What's in Things

Idea: On the basis of STEM, children will interactively explore what materials, metals, minerals everyday objects are made of. Combining the balance ball idea but use it as a wheel of fortune type thing. Where the disk is divided into 12 or however many sectors - each one being an element from periodic table. An image will show eg Car and they have to figure out what elements a car is made of whilst balancing.

Title: How patient are you?

Idea: Using the pressure pads and technology, people are able to see how patient they are and improve on their waiting skills. Kids are generally really impatient and this game will test to see how they are. Using a maze people are able to move only downward whilst pushing down on a pad. Obstacles come in the way every so often eg. a turtle crossing the road, or maybe an elderly person asking a question (could be a random physical phone that has a speaker and they have to answer?), or having to wait in line for groceries. Basically a timeline and the pressure is how fast they move through the various tasks and complete them.

Work that Inspired/Interested Me:


Liquid MIDI is an experimental textile interface for sonic interactions, exploring aesthetics and morphology in contemporary design. The technology is screen printed directly onto a textile surface, then through an Arduino micro controller communicates with the desired software, using MIDI protocol. This unique interaction with this textile interface allows the medium to become part of the message, where the interface becomes part of the process of creation itself.