Week 3

Shuang Wu - Sun 15 March 2020, 6:25 pm

We had world cafe this tuesday. Every table has a theme, and we changed to another table after generating related ideas and refining ideas. During this session, i really got inspired by some amazing ideas, however there were sometimes people talking too much irrelevant things.Anyway, worldcafe is really a effectice activity to touch massive ideas and generate new inspirations if treated seriously.

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Sassy tech

This is quite weired theme,it took me a while to understand its meaning. It's related to bold, cheeky thinngs.There's idea about floor, which can rise up the area fallen on dangerous things to warn people not to step on. Beyong on this, i came out another idea that the area fallen on stuffs can bright differnet colour to inform people, in case cannot be seen at night or when. we drop something and cannot find it.

I think the majority functions of smart wardrobe has been realised. To make it "sassy", i wanted it to be like the magic mirror in Snow White, which can tell whether you look good with different outfits. Like"you are beautiful today" or "you suck today".

Musical metric

We came out several interesting ideas to measure things by music. For example, we can generate a music by the grades of a semester, obviouslly, the good grades would get beautiful music. Similarly, we can apply this idea to a long tern, like a whole life to summarize a person's life time by music.


My Zatoichi is in here, which i wish could be developed through this semester. Someone said it' not too playable, which means player would feel boring in a long time. So i was thinking expland it with more modes, weapons and movements. Like player has to take different actions to cope with different attacks. The emeny could attack you with arch, sword or even gun from different directions. Correspondingllly, there should be different reactions. Or even i can apply plot to it. Like the blind superhero saving the world. In this case, the voice system can be added to help make options. To realise this game, i can put audio equipments in four directions instead of the original single headset, which is difficult to control the provinical roads and connect it into the whole system. Correspongdingly, i would put four sensors in the four directions as well. In this case, the whole process sounds easier to work.