Week 3

Jianing Jin - Sun 15 March 2020, 11:55 pm
Modified: Sun 29 March 2020, 4:55 pm

Group formation and idea generation

After discussion and ideation process of different topics in world cafe, we selected three topics that we were interested in and groups are allocated randomly according to our preferences. I am very happy that I have chosen the first voluntary theme--music metrics, and also very happy to see three members, Rhea, Iris and Haley, who have the same preferences as me. Since I have worked with some of the team members before, so we just conduct a brief self-introduction then we start preparing for the presentation related work for next week.


We started a preliminary discussion based on our own insights on the topic -- music metrics and try to try to get some inspirations from the ideas generated by our classmates in the world cafe process. Merging and integrating existing ideas, for this topic we can conduct in-depth research in the following four aspects.


Everyday sound collection(This is the theme we decided to work on)

All of us were attracted by the idea about the everyday music collection glasses. Because we realised there are a lot of voice exisiting in the nature that is always neglected by us because of the fast pace of city life. How to make use of these pieces of everyday music and interact with it become a major concern for us. During the discussion, we found out that the way to present it in the VR environment seems not that novel and playful. Inspired by the chemical experiment happens, I come up with an idea called music lab. It consists of 4 major part, voice collection device, voice storage device, voice operating device and voice emptying device.

Eyedropper: Press the tip of the eyedropper to draw the everyday sound you find interesting

Test tube: can be seen as a sound reservoir. Store various collected sounds.

Erlenmeyer flask: Sound generator. Dump your interested test tube to this bottle store and shake the bottle to mix the poured sound into a unique melody. The speed of the melody will be determined by the speed of the rotation.

Rubbish bin: Responsible for processing undesired sounds. Once the test tube / conical flask touches the trash can, the existing sound will be emptied. These empty devices will be able to store new sound clips.

Music + exercise

This theme is inspired by the ideas of utilising different fitness equipment to generate music. When thinking of the interaction mode which will make it more playful and unique to others, we have some different options like punching, riding, body movement... However, these ideas seem to be similar to the ideas of some existing interactive installations. Regarding how to better combine sports elements and music, although our group thinks it is an area worth exploring, it is difficult to determine a clear direction on the current form of interaction and presentation.

Color + music

Shadow + music