Tianrui Zhang - Sun 15 March 2020, 11:55 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 11:57 pm

UQ Innovate

I went to the workspace this week and the staff showed us how to cut wood. First of all, we need to bring goggles, and when using the tool for cutting wood, open the air vent. Every machine needs a key to turn it on. In the process of cutting wood, if we need to move the woodblock, we can not directly touch the wood being cut with our hands, we can use another woodblock to push the woodblock being cut. In addition, he showed us how to polish blackened iron. After that, the staff led us to the paint-only room, but he just reminded us to turn on the fan when painting and did not teach us how to use the paint tools. I feel a bit sorry. At the end of the class, he showed us how to use a laser cutting machine, etc. This seemed very troublesome. I didn't learn or even know what the drawing tool he used. Fortunately, he told us that he would help us when we use it.

My name is...., I am..., I am unique because...

I find the hardest part to write is explaining why I am unique. I thought about this part for a long time, but eventually, I didn't find the answer, I just wrote that there is only one me in the world. In the beginning, we were going to write 50 words. To be honest, I think 50 words is not enough to introduce myself. Finally, we need to delete to only 3 words. Many of my classmates only left their names. But the three words I have left are "I AM UNIQUE". In this small writing exercise, I think the focus is not on who I am or what I am, but on believing in myself, believing in yourself, and believing in the value of your existence significance.

World Cafe

After discussing a number of topics that I randomly participated in, I divided these topics into two categories, one related to the creation and the other related to emotions. The content of the creation may be music, pictures, etc., and their expressions are usually lights, images, and sounds. Emotions can also be said to focus on mental health, including expressing one's emotions, regulating one's emotions, and better communication between people.

Because my idea is about music, I want to continue to participate in projects about music. After watching other students' ideas on music, I think the interactive methods to further improve these ideas are: 1. Combine music with sports; 2. Combine music with lights; 3. Combine shadow with music. These ideas can also be divided into two directions, one is to help people learn music, and the other is to provide more possibilities for creating new music.