Week 3 - Contact Reflection

Jiexiang Xu - Sun 22 March 2020, 6:18 pm

In this week's contact, we carried out a total of two activities.

Connection with Bash

First, Bash, a graduate from the United Kingdom, introduced us some tips about job hunting, such as the interview process and some precautions. And after that, he also gave us an event, which left me the deepest impression. He asked us to introduce ourselves, starting with "My name is XXX. I am a XXX. I am unique because XXX". After completing the filling of the words and sentences, the unequal number of words were crossed out multiple times, leaving one word in the end. The word I left is my name, because I feel that if you introduce yourself, then who you are is the ultimate one. At least someone else must know what your name is before you can understand you. But after I saw some results from other classmates, some of them left their names like me, while others left their professional (designer) and some personal characteristics, such as personality and strengths. And in the following description, the personal characteristics (the last word left) will be described in the form of storytelling.

However, I had a confusion after class. As the introduction in the class said, there should also be a key word in the portfolio, but I found this to be difficult to achieve in the actual implementation process. In the process of preparing materials in the early stage, because I have to show my previous projects in all aspects, I chose a lot of different types of materials to demonstrate my capabilities, such as UI design, User research, Prototype, and Evaluation. According to the words from Bash, it is difficult to summarize so much material into one word. So I'm thinking about whether to show it as a module. For example, pick a key feature in UI design and expand it. Of course, this expansion will not only be mentioned briefly in the portfolio, it should be more comprehensive and mainly described in the interview preparation. In this way, not only the content of the interview can be increased, but also the topics of each module can be well expressed.

At the same time, it also made me think that there should also be a keyword in the overall interface of making portfolios, such as simplicity and intuitiveness. You can make more use of the progress bar. But there is still a problem here, everyone feels differently about the progress bar. For example, I think that when a person can make a website independently, the progress bar of the webpage production can reach 4/5; but others think that the technology and language used in the process of making webpages This is the main criterion for scoring. What criteria should be used to spend the progress bar is a question. I think of a way to make a web page and show the technology and the effect it has formed. But if you do this, the content of the entire portfolio will be particularly large. There is a lot of content in this introduction, which is not particularly important. So in the future, I should find a better way to show the intuitiveness and simplicity of portfolio.

World Cafe

Before class, all the students' creative ideas were divided into 17 groups, and I participated in 7 of them in this event, namely beautify the self, emotional totems, musical metrics, guided movement, digital sensations, creative Learning and ability-centric interactions. During the discussion, some of my classmates' creative ideas made me particularly interesting.

In the guided movement, we discussed that there are two types of guidance, voice and limb. The development of voice guidance is very small, while the guidance of limbs has a great potential development trend. The limb does not necessarily represent the body, it may also be an extension of the limb, such as the shadow. We discussed a game-based concept that requires multiple players. One person moves and the teammates step out of the maze through shadows. Although this idea doesn't involve any special interaction method, it really makes me like it. This reminds me of a game that people in China often play. The participant was unable to speak, expressed a word in body language, and tried to get his teammates to guess. This type of interaction between two people through actions can not enhance the interaction between the two people, but also make the whole process very interesting. If this method is applied to technology, the overall user participation will be greatly improved. For example, a participant passes on the words that his teammates use to his body in the same way, until the last person is displayed in front of a machine. This machine can recognize the similarity of actions and score based on the similarity (the higher the similarity, the higher the score).

There is a concept in "beautify the self" that is similar to the function of getting up the alarm. But this approach is really disgusting. Another annoying way is that you can't turn off the alarm. For example, there is a device that can run long when you are about to touch it. This can not only be applied to getting up, but also very helpful for changing habits. For example, you can't eat some food while you are managing your diet. So put these foods on this device, and when you can't stand to eat, the device will run around with food, so you can't get it. Although the experience of this device is not good, it is the most effective way. Based on this problem, I was thinking, when users feel obvious discomfort and disgust about a certain behavior, what are the ways to balance them, or just give up. As far as getting up, some time ago, there was an app on the market to help people get up. After setting the alarm, you cannot turn it off when the alarm goes off. You can turn off the alarm only if you answer 5 math questions consecutively. This idea is really good, but when I use it, I definitely feel bored, although I am completely awake after turning off the alarm. Therefore, I was thinking that there might be a way to awaken people more gently, such as through physical conditioning or physical habits. Although I don't have any good ideas yet, using the original physical habits to change another one is a feasible direction that can be expanded.

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