Week 3 - Document & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sun 15 March 2020, 11:23 pm
Modified: Tue 17 March 2020, 2:50 pm

World Cafe

In this exercises, we have exposed to different topics, which gave me a deeper understanding of topics and ideas. I have been in the table of change through rewards, change though discomfort, emotional totems, guided movement, etc. I personally like one of the concepts in change though discomfort, where the shoes will become heavy when a user walks close to the ice cream shop, so that the person could not move forward. The concept can be used within jail, when the criminals try to break the jail, their clothes will become heavy as they move close to the fences.

I was the host for the beautify self, where the idea was combining 3 concepts in a room for users to gain a healthier lifestyle in both physical and mental aspects. Through the exercise of expanding ideas and inspirations based on the original concepts, I exposed myself to different context of use, aiming different target users and combining different ideas to create a new one.

After the exercise, we chose the top 3 topics that was interest for us. I have chosen the Creative learning, change through rewards and Emotion totems. I think creative learning is more flexible in terms of developing novel ideas as well as investigating a novel way of effective learning. Change through rewards and emotion totems are the two concepts I am also interested in, since those have a wide range of topics that can be developed based on the ideas and the concepts also match with my original pitch idea.


This week, we had a meeting with Bash, who is a UQ alumni living in UK. He shared with us about some tips to get a job such as photo the projects we have done and practice telling stories for interview. We also have a small exercise about developing our unique values.

We were asked to write 50 words in the format:

My name is …,

I am a …,

I am unique because …

Then reduced the paragraph to 25 words, then 12 words, 6 words, 3 words and 1 word left. My last word is Sheryl, then we were asked to think of what does the word and value means to us. I have my own working style and personality and I developed it as maintaining a brand. The exercise really helped me finding my uniqueness and what makes me outstanding.

Team Formation

We were grouped into a team of 4. Creative learning will be the topic of the project for the rest of the semester. Our team first introduced about each other, and started to write and agree on the team charter, which we will be referred if needed. The team have similar goals and working styles, and decided that the punishments are buying bubble tea for the rest of the team members. We have discussed about the idea, and agreed to developed a language learning system like mort, which is a concept about learning morse code by a machine with physical interaction with it. During the weekend, each of the team members will research within the area and propose a solution by sketching out the product.