Week 3 Entry 2 - Bash and Team allocation

Seamus Nash - Wed 11 March 2020, 2:09 pm
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 3:53 pm

Today's session began with a chat from Bash Isai about graduate roles and how to prepare for things such as assessment centres, internships etc. The talk also incorporated a task in which we would write a 50 word statement about who we are and what makes us unique. We narrowed this done to just one word tat described us. My word was enthusiastic

The second part incorporated our team allocation. The team I was allocated with is focusing on enhanced mundane spaces. My team members are Dimitri, Alistair and Anson. We drew up a contract that stated what to do conflict occurs and how to solve this.

We also began thinking about some ideas in the problem space such as a dancing elevator in which instead of the menial task of going up and down an elevator without any form of entertainment, the user would have to dance a combination from a dance dance revolution mat to get to their desired level.

Another idea that was explored was a space invader type situation on a floor that is interactive and can be place in menial mundane spaces such as waiting rooms

From this, the team will decide a concept to go further with and gather more insights from this idea to try and propose a plausible physical interaction for everyday life.

To reflect, in this process we probably should have focused more on other spaces as well just in case the elevator wasn't plausible for this semester. This is so we could have had a backup just in case.

After listening to Bash's chat, I actually looked him up and had a look into his portfolio and this inspired me to start thinking about the final portfolio and his portfolio design and content gave me great inspiration that I can get it completed and looking aesthetically pleasing