Week 3 Entry 21: Examples of Sassy Tech to Use Later

Amraj Singh Sukhdev Singh - Wed 11 March 2020, 12:09 am
Modified: Wed 11 March 2020, 8:49 am

While looking into sassy tech (my domain of choice)... I had some issues identifying tech that fit my vision of "sassy" ... to me it had to be technology that had specialised reactions to prompts. Getting sassed would mean an unexpected reaction meant to break the regular interaction flow.

Some social robots occupy this space, paying attention to peoples reacitons or tones of voice, and then responding with specific actions.

But this doesn't feel ... sassy (just responsive). To me, the tech had to not only react, but react in a condescending way, to fit under this category. Something unexpected that makes you think about the interaction after the fact. An alternative definition seeks to classify any tech "with a personality / atttitude" to this marker, which is part of why I selected the following examples.


A machine that responds by using gifs on it's faceplate

  • Much of these reactions feel... preplanned and scripted
  • Additional google sleuthing reveals it's likely because they are
    • I believe that Peeqo can only respond the way you've programmed it to
    • This ... customisation aspect kinda lessense the impact of its condescending responses to me.
  • you're deciding how it sasses you by setting the machine up
Spot Mini
A walking robot initially designed for assisting troops in carrying weight over uneven terrain, later converted to be a consumer product, and supposedly reacting to you when you approach it, while being concious of obstacles.
  • Another example of sass... thre's a certain... personality and consistent set of actions the robot takes
  • Similar to a dog in some ways, does "cute" things
  • Some... animation design so to speak
    • the way it flips over
    • its actions tapping on the ground or navigating around (particiularly in this video) - its unclear how much of this it does on its own?
    • there's aspects with no functional benefit to the "animations" like how it springs up, but that do look aesthetically pleasing
    • some "fakeness because the video is scriped"
  • The intent: Seemingly get it out as a niche companion (?) among other things
Thought Train and Carriages
  • Need to find examples of more sassy tech
    • More examples in general
    • but also tech with stronger and clearer responses - it doesn't really feel like you're being sassed enough with these