Week 3 Entry 25: A Cacophony of Voices, and Still The Machinery Halts

Amraj Singh Sukhdev Singh - Sat 14 March 2020, 10:32 pm
Modified: Sat 14 March 2020, 11:28 pm

Something doesn't come from nothing. Millions of people have screamed into the void, blaring ideas and thought into every design space one can think of, and even several design spaces most people wouldn't.

That's right - once again, it was time to look into research, to see what already exists in the space. I think a flaw in doing this however, was just blindly jumping in to a number of different topics a little too early

This lead to a more frantic approach of .... come on. "surely there's something here that's relevant to what I want to do".

I knew it was time to stop when the realisation popped up again of - MAN, we have to create something unique, playful and interesting, and yet here I am sifting through these monoliths of basically garbage, that exists to qualify maybe the 20% of the paper thats actually something that we can get a lesson out of.

The actual thought was not this coherent, it was just "why I gotta look at so much paper to make something fun".

Likely, a sign of burnout, but also potentially just a need to use more narrow filters, or possibly different filters altogheter.

For now it's time for a break. I think there's a chance to be disillusioned by research. "this idea is too hard, we have nothing to go off... lets just change and do something else". This thought line leads to a bland, meaningless project, that no one wants to do, and that the teaching team knows is a sham too. But yet - we persist through it because of the idea that we've made our bed, and have to lie in it now.

But I like the ideas I have at the moment. they're not ready for the sacrifiial pyre just yet... so tomorrow I'll look at the same issue again, with a different telescope, hopefully.