Week 3 - Group Formation (Bee Bear Lions)

Liony Lumombo - Sun 15 March 2020, 10:15 pm

This week is the group formation week for the project to be worked on until the end of this semester. The group is determined by Lorna and other tutors based on several selections. The first selection is to fill in the form provided. The exciting thing I found there was a question about 'Spiritual Animal'. I don't think I will find someone who chose the same animal as I want. But I saw him for sure in my group.

The next activity for group formation is to do a World Café on Tuesday. I did this activity in the Computing Studio 1 last semester. The problem that often arises first is the loss of hosts from several tables. In this course, in the rounds before the break, everything was safe. But after returning from break time, some hosts disappeared. Several tables I visited, one table did not have a host, so everyone on the table had to read the notes on the paper on the table. In general, this activity helped me to get new inspiration. Each person must have a different idea that will not be heard if not in the same table with them.

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After World Café is finished, we gave three votes to the theme we like. The day before this activity, I was interested in Creative Learning. But I don't know what I want for the second and third choices. After World Café, I decided to choose Altered Landscape and Change Through Reward as other options. In my opinion, all these choices can be used as one project in common.

The next day is the announcement of the specified list group. Before that, we made a video call with Bash Isai, UQ alumni. The exciting thing that I got at the talk was to keep thinking positive—and not easily entangled in one place. If the workplace that we go to does not provide what we need, you should leave the area. Each person has their unique characteristics.


After Bash is finished, the group list is announced. I got a group with Bowen Jiang, Wentai Ouyang, and Sulaiman Ma. It was a great relief because we had all been on the same team. Hopefully, this team can work together very well!

The theme we get is Creative Learning. To determine the project idea that we will work on, we ask the question "what do you want to teach" to each group member. Programming, Music, Electronic, and even cooking appear as our consideration.

On Friday, we had our first meeting. Before this activity, we looked for some inspiration. I looked at ideas on Kickstarter. There I found chess in physical form. The opponent's chess piece can move on its own. I think this is good to be combined with learning programming with the concept of fighting. And some other ideas that I found based on mobile games that I have ever played.


The results of the first meeting, we decided to teach programming with the concept of the racing game using characters shaped like chess pieces. The inspirations are "Square Off Neo & SWAP" and "7 Billion Humans". To make it enjoyable, we added challenges like a maze, but simpler ones like trees, houses, or other objects placed on the same board. And even at this meeting, we found the name of our group, namely BEE BEAR LIONS, based on the spiritual animals we chose.

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