Week 3 journal - Entry 2

Nick Huang - Sun 15 March 2020, 5:08 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 5:23 pm

Team process:

Dur to the rapidly spreading of COVID-19, our team had an online meeting yesterday. During the meeting, we assigned different roles for next week’s pitch, and what should each team member be responsible for when preparing for that. We firstly broke the brief into different components, like design space, concept introduction, goals, contexts, intended experience, benefit, etc. By doing that, we were able to get a better understanding of the key things we should cover in the pitch. That enables each of us to know our responsibilities and contribute to and participate in the first part of team project.

Individual process:

As for the individual part, I was assigned the role to take charge of the ‘intended experience’ and ‘interactions’ parts in this pitch. So, I firstly wrote the script of these two parts, and then drew some sketches to demonstrate the ‘controller’ part of our concept. And also made an aircraft cardboard as the supporting material of body storming in the pitch.

cardboard of the aircraft

Intended experience

There are mainly two aspects that we try to focus on. First, enabling users to directly control and manipulate the digital information in the game by just controlling their left and right hand in the physical world, so that to provide them with the immersive interactive experience. Another thing is that because the interaction is mainly composed of two parts, the left and right hand, so our system also supports single or multiple players modes by allowing a single user to use both hands as controllers, or one user controls weapons and another user controls aircraft. That means we intend to offer users a collective experience.


The left hand stands for the weapon part, and players can choose different weapons (or switch the levels of ‘attack’) by adjusting different finger gestures. For example, the thumb and index finger gesture correspond to ‘Normal Attack’; the thumb, index and middle finger gesture correspond to ‘Power Attack’; and the thumb and pinky finger gesture correspond to the ‘Ultimate Attack’.

The right hand stands for the aircraft part, and players can switch flying modes by adjusting the degree of closure between fingers. For example, if the user's fingers are all closed, then the aircraft is moving forward in the level 1 mode, where the flying speed is slowest, but the attack accuracy is highest. If the user's index, middle and ring fingers are closed while the thumb and pinky finger are open, then the aircraft is moving forward in the level 2 mode, where the flying speed and attack accuracy are moderate. Finally, if the user has all fingers open, then the aircraft is moving forward in the level 3 mode, where the flying speed is quickest, but the attack accuracy is the lowest.

operation guide_1 operation guide_2

Apart from that, users can also use their hand to control the movement and direction of the aircraft. Like if you move you right hand horizontally, then the aircraft will present the corresponding movement in the game, and if you tilt you hand to the left and right, the aircraft will also show the corresponding tilt.


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