Week 2 Journal Entry

Chuike Lee - Fri 24 April 2020, 10:26 pm
Modified: Fri 24 April 2020, 10:26 pm

Presentations were interesting and afterwards it was also helpful to group ideas pitched into certain themes. The activity of identifying themes and grouping pitched ideas of the day sort of brought home the idea of collective work. It was still individual but some how reminds me of business meetings where potential investors inspect an idea and make notes of what they think about it. That aside, based on the ideas pitched some main themes such as fitness, creative learning, music, and bothersome technology were outstanding.

The images below represent this detail.

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Peer critique was also helpful because they gave feedback on what works and what could be improved on if the concept were to further be developed. They were also helpful to point out how the concept responds to the task brief. At the end of presentation on each day we group wrote down themes on sticky notes. This was helpful to identify topics that were outstanding as well as to kind of group concepts.

Images below are of the critiques given.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

This week I was also able to get the soldering induction done. It was a breeze and really fun. Images below of this activity.

Imgur Imgur Imgur