Week 3 - Meet and Greet

Sean Lim - Thu 12 March 2020, 5:24 pm
Modified: Tue 17 March 2020, 1:23 pm

Meet and Greet

Today we get to finally meet our teammates, it was kind of interesting to see we can work together as a group and the best part was, I get to work on a theme that I am really interested in. Seeing so many students that are interested in Creative Learning, I am excited to see what ideas we can produce by the end of the semester!

What is creative learning to me ?

Creative learning to me is finding new ways to learn instead of learning something through the old fashion way, we can do something that is fun and imaginative to promote creative learning. I like to learn things using fun and creative techniques to constantly keep my brain engage.

Team Discussion

After the team discussion, we have decided to find out how we can incorporate creative learning using technology to help kids/people to learn and also to manage mental health conditions. The product that we are planning to design will help them to improve their motor skills and will enhance their intelligence through Synchronized Learning (Using both left and right brain).

This is the product characteristics that we are currently looking at :

  • Plush toy
  • Having similar inputs to the bop it toy (Motor Skills)

1)Pull it

2)Twist it

3)Push it

4)Flick it

5)Smash it

Motor Skills Inspiration : Bop it Toy

Inspiration from Bubbles the Helping Hand


Bubbles the Helping Hand

This product helps to detects the level of the child’s anxiety and it incorporates motor skills to help the children to learn. The eyes of the soft toy helps to scan text and read to the child and there is a touch sensor to help to detect the anxiety level of the child. It is cool to see how a simple toy can have functions that can help with children’s learning and manage their mental conditions.

What I plan to do next ?

  • Finding more inspiration that is related to creative learning
  • More in-depth research on synchronized learning
  • Other ways to make a product more interactive that require motor skills