Week 3 - Own Research (Brain Synchronization)

Sean Lim - Sun 15 March 2020, 7:10 pm
Modified: Tue 17 March 2020, 1:21 pm

Interesting Fact About the Brain

When we take on a certain task, one side of the brain will take on the task even if it’s not specialized for the task, and our brain will not switch to the other side of the brain, even if the task is better suited. It will just take the task and run with it. Our brain defaults to what it’s used to and the parts that don’t get to used atrophy.

Left Hemisphere Thinking: Practical, mathematical, analytical, scientific

Right Hemisphere Thinking: Creative, focus, intuitive

It appears to be common knowledge that each side of the brain have its own function. In reality, both sides of the brain handle both analytic and creative elements

Benefits of Whole-Brain Dominance

Shifting in hemisphere dominance (left-right brain dominance to whole-brain dominance) are likely to enhance mind-body integration and overall improvements in physical and emotional health. It is believed that during moments of whole brain synchrony, the reduction of cognitive anxiety is experience.

Brain Coherence creates homeostasis in our central nervous system and allows for more flexibility in thinking. You are able to draw upon the strength of your brain in both the analytical and creative sense, allowance for super learning and more energy.


Ways to Synchronize the Brain(I think that is helpful for our assignment)

1) Exercise & Movements: Using both sides of your body help to strengthen both sides of the brain improving coordination. (Might be useful for incorporating with motor skills)

2) Switching Up Your Routine: Variation in movement activates both sides of your brain. (Might be useful for incorporating with motor skills)

3) Binaural Beats & Hemi Sync Technology: Delivering sound waves of different frequencies through headphones into each ear to produce brainwave entertainment.

4) Listening to or Playing A Musical Instrument: Listening allows more engagement of the brain associated with emotion, listening, motor skills and creativity. Improves the amount of neural response to stimuli for increased coordination and sensitivity (Might be useful for incorporating with motor skills)

Link : https://consciousnessliberty.com/unlock-your-genius-through-brain-synchronization/

5 Categories of Brain Wave Vibrational States

Alpha: Oscillates between 8 to 12hz

Alpha brainwave promotes creativity, problem-solving and a flow state or “getting into the zone”.

Link : https://consciousnessliberty.com/5-brainwave-states-you-should-know-about/



Based on my research, this is something that I am really interested to find out more about. Which are ways that I can enhance intelligence to promote creativity learning for people. It came to my surprise that brain synchronization can actually help with cognitive anxiety and mental health conditions and there are many ways to do so! Right now, I am currently researching on Binaural beats and there are many brain vibrational states but there is one vibrational states that promotes creativity, problem-solving which is the Alpha brain wave. More researching regarding how binaural beats actually helped with creativity learning but this is a good start !

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