Week 3 Reflection - Resub, Worldcafe, Group

Alistair Harris - Fri 13 March 2020, 11:52 am


The previous idea I submitted lacked the novelty component and I spoke too long about the concerns rather the things that the idea could achieve and what it would be used for.

The new idea is a kinetic bracelet which encourages human activity away from our tech devices. This would work by having sensors in the bracelet that build up kinetic energy overtime from doing everyday activities such as working out at the gym, hanging out clothes, cooking and writing. After this there is a charging component to the bracelet that is universal to wireless devices so when you touch your devices they will begin charging.

The focus for this product is to eliminate being lazy and just sitting on your computer or phone all day without actively engaging and achieving other important tasks in your life. It will no longer be possible to just ‘binge’ Netflix or play games all day without being useful first.

World Cafe

This week's contact session was in the format of a world cafe where we got to explore different themes and discuss them in a group. I got to about 5 different tables and hosted 2 times which was interesting. From the different tables I found the bottom two to be the most interesting as there is a lot of interesting themes that came out through discussion. The two images below are for Enhanced Mundane Spaces and Everyday Sustainability which shows a few great ideas.

Imgur Imgur

Group Work

At the second contact session of the week, the first part was spent listening to a former student, Bash, who now lives in London. He spoke to us about his experience in the industry and more specifically about how to get jobs and what companies are looking for.

After this we were given our assigned groups that we were to work with for the rest of the semester. I was lucky because I got a few mates in my group and I know that they are very creative and have many great ideas from previous semesters in IT.

The topic we all chose as our #1 preference was Enhanced Mundane Spaces. When doing the world cafe it seemed like ideas were flowing much easier than when we started to brainstorm as a group. We talked about

  • Buses
  • Classrooms
  • Elevators
  • Walking on Paths
  • Stuck in Traffic

We still haven't made our final decision but are leaning towards creating the Elevator space more fun and interacting and overall an enhanced experience.