Week 3 - Team (Supparoo)

Thomas Saly - Thu 12 March 2020, 11:47 am

On Wednesday we were allocated teams, although the process is somewhat nerve-wracking and feels a lot like playing the lottery, I'm pleased with the results. I was allocated my first choice, Emotional Intelligence and have what seems to be a solid team. One of our team members was not physically present due to potential Corona (luckily already cleared) and was included in the creation of the team contract through chat and google drive, we will discuss the contents in more detail with all members present at our next meeting, discussing, clarifying and changing any points as needed. I'm happy with the contract we've drawn up, it's clear and relatively short meaning that's it's easy to understand and clear points on what is considered conflict and how to deal with it. We also have included a point-by-point plan on how to deal with disagreements when they undoubtedly will arise. We've set up a Discord channel with the needed subchannels for primary communication with Messenger as a backup, Google Drive for documents and files, Github for eventual code and Notion for documentation and keeping everything organized.

Directly following the class we moved to a different location and started planning next weeks presentation and our current project ideas. We went through the papers and posters given and have gained some insight into the theme through the classes eyes, we've planned to come up with two ideas each for our Friday meeting, where we'll discuss and choose one for the presentation next week.

Thus far our group seems to run smoothly and keen on keeping it so. I'm excited to explore the theme some more, come up with an idea collectively and start fleshing it out more. I am somewhat concerned about finding an idea eveyone will be excited about in such a short time, but I'm also keen to see how our group dynamic will function and see how good we all are at compromising and swallowing our collective pride when it comes to ideas.