Week 3 – World Café & Team Formations

Nelson Gregory - Fri 13 March 2020, 11:48 pm

World Café was great fun and was a great opportunity to discuss and expand upon the different themes classified by the class last week. There were some interesting developments and discussions during this session, and I thought it was a great extension on last week’s activities. My favourite idea from this session came from the “Improving Mundane Spaces” table, where one of the participants has thought of a dynamic target for urinals to make the bathroom more fun.

After the World Café session, we were asked to preference our favourite themes from 1 – 3 as these would determine our teams for the remainder of the semester. I made my preferences in the following order: 1 – Creative Learning, 2 – Change through Discomfort and 3 – Musical Things. We were also asked to fill out a form to help assist staff in making the right decisions.

On Wednesday it was straight into the remote Q & A session with Bash, a UQ Alumni currently living in London, working as a product designer. It was interesting to hear his journey as a graduate and his experiences in London. As well as the job acquisition process. We were also asked to do a self-reflection exercise, which began with us writing a 50-word summary about ourselves, and eventually ending up with a 1-word summary and having to reflect on what that one particular word meant to us.

We came back from our break and were allocated to our teams arranged by the course staff. I believe the staff have made the right choice and I am excited to work with my new peers, Aizel, Rhea and Summer. We all appear to have met with a good first impression and are motivated to produce a great project by the end of the semester. We have set ourselves the objective of coming up with 3 great ideas each over the weekend and deciding on the best as a team to set as our project. My concern at this stage is the current virus outbreak and how that will affect the arrangements of the course for the remainder of the semester. I hope that everyone remains safe and that there is only a minimal disruption to our studies.