Week 3 - World Cafe

Sean Lim - Thu 12 March 2020, 3:56 pm
Modified: Tue 17 March 2020, 2:19 pm

Today we did a collaborative exercise called World Cafe where we get to generate starting points for team projects and share our thinking and experience to the group so that we can connect ideas together to come up with new ones. This method is particularly useful for me when i want to explore a theme. This process not only helps me to break down my thought process but it has helped me make connections with new people.

Round 1 : Enhanced Mundane Spaces

Definition of Mundane

  • Boring and dull
  • Everyday things

Examples of Mundane daily things provided by the group

  • Children packing bag the night before
  • Children find it hard to play muscial notes
  • Tying Shoe lace
  • Sharpening a pencil
  • Learning how to drive

Round 2 : Change Through Discomfort

Who are we designing for ?

  • People With Bad Habits
  • Introverts
  • People who wants to change their habits

Experience we are designing

  • Uncomfortable Experiences
  • Forces to finish tasks

Where can we apply this ?

  • Home
  • Safe environments
  • Public spaces
  • Work environments

We looked at how can we design for people to change through discomfort and here are some of the ideas :


1)In School (Motivating people to achieve goals)

Using visual elements to indicate the effort of the user that has put in (Like a Pen)


2) Motivating people to wash a dish

Sensor to detect if the sink is full of dishes, if the sink is full of dishes an alarm will sound of to the neighbours.

Round 3 : Guided Movement