Week 3 - World Cafe, Bash and Team Formation Reflection

Michelle Owen - Fri 13 March 2020, 9:37 pm

World Cafe

World cafe provided me with an insight into themes I had not previously considered. Themes such as Change through Positive Reinforcement and Musical Things were able to be developed and extended upon by myself and others at the table. As a result I was able to see them in a new (and really interesting) light.

We were able to develop concepts of themes which I ended up putting as my preferences because of the genuine interest and playful ideas that were pitched (such as the musical grid mat and the tower construction code decipherer - the names may have needed some work).

However, I was still passionate about pursuing Creative Learning. I have always found helping people through education invaluable. So, extending this and being able to explore a problem space in this field is super exciting for me.


I am so appreciative that we got to talk to a successful designer who wants to help us out!! Bash had some really good points that I had never considered before (like going through a recruiter) and selling yourself as a person who will make your employers life easier.

The one word challenge was also really insightful - stripping yourself down to your core is a very interesting approach to highlight what you want to be synonomous with. Create a brand with that word and stay true to it - I can get behind that idea.

And, of course, one of my biggest takeaways was don't be afraid to move!! It looks so incredibly rewarding to get out of your comfort zone (geogrpahically and mentally) and push yourself to do things you previously thought

Team Formation

I have been really lucky and placed in a creative learning team (first preference!!). I am keen to get to know my team a bit better and start developing our pitch for Tuesday.

Currently, my team is thinking about further developing a colour theory concept. More to come about this soon!!

Week 3 Notes

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