Week 4

Tianrui Zhang - Sun 22 March 2020, 11:57 pm
Modified: Sun 22 March 2020, 11:57 pm


This week our group mainly designed our product, which was initially named "music lab" by us. However, we later made it clear that it is a machine that can collect and use sounds from life to create new mixed sounds. After discussion, we think that music is a more professional voice. And the sound produced in daily life is not music, so, we changed its name to "sound lab". It is called a lab because our target users are non-professional sound-lovers. It is difficult to predict the final result in the process of their creation. In addition, we design the equipment used in the shape of laboratory test tubes, flask, droppers, etc., so that users can feel like doing experiments.


Our group was not satisfied with the ideas provided by the previous students, so we reviewed some materials and found some inspiration from them. Combining the theme of "producing sound" with existing ideas, we redesigned our products.

We planned to buy some test tubes, beakers and other props to shoot body storming, but due to the epidemic, the course was changed from offline to online. Two members of our group proposed to withdraw from the course. Therefore, we changed the body storming to paper prototyping because of insufficient staff.

We divided the speech in the entire 10 points into the following aspects: background introduction, concept explanation, inspiration source, persona explanation, storyboard, future work, and paper prototype to show how to use this product.

How to use

I mainly shot and produced a paper prototype and detailed on how to use it.

First of all, the tools we need are a trash can that can delete sound, some test tubes that can save sound, a flask that can mix sounds, and a dropper that can record sounds. For example, we are interested in water sounds, birds sounds, and the wind bells sound. We can record water sounds with droppers, and collect water sounds with a test tube. Then, we use the same method to collect and save bird sounds and wind bells sounds. The glowing part of the dropper represents the length of time the sound was recorded, and it changes with the length of the recording. Different sounds have now been saved in the test tubes. The height of the color in the test tube represents the length of the audio. If we forget the sound material in the test tube, we can shake the test tube to hear the saved sound. Next, we can use the sound in the test tube to create a Mixed sound. The method of creation is to select the test tubes of the sound material we want and pour the sounds from different test tubes into a flask to mix. Shake the flask, multiple sound materials will be mixed and played. Pour the sound from the flask into the trash can and the sound will be deleted.

Target audience

  1. Music lovers and producers.
  2. Those who are interested in daily sound.
  3. Those who are sensitive to sound.


People who have been living in a fast-paced, fast-paced city for a long time often have a lot of stress and will be exposed to a lot of sounds every day. There are sounds that make people feel relaxed, such as the sound of running water, the sound of leaves, the sound of car engines, the sound of kitchens. Different sounds represent different life scenes, and there are always scenes that make people feel relaxed or yearning. Although we cannot enter such a scene at any time, we can record the sound of these life scenes.


In addition, we also designed two personas.

Imgur Imgur

Design feasibility

We discussed the feasibility of this design. At present, we think that the main needs are some small recording equipment and players. We will install them in test tubes, flasks. Our main interaction method is shaking. We will use SHAKE action as a way to trigger the mix. Therefore, we may need to use some sensors.