Week 4?

Zhuoran Li - Sun 29 March 2020, 8:20 pm

Because of the one week break, all the study activities have been pulled off. This week, people became anxious as we don’t know what would this course be like and our team could change a lot after the break. But in the meanwhile, this break provides time for us to consider the theme.

Project discussion

First of all, via communication through Facebook, we decided to come up with ideas individually first and then together, discuss the ideas and set down to one of them.

Based on what we have discussed in the class, I made something new

House pong game

This idea is developed on the interactive floor. Doing housework is boring and we want this activity could become a connection between the family members. So I think, why not make it a cooperation game. Because it is a game, it can be playful and attractive, encouraging all the family members to join in the housework. The virtual ball would come from one person to another, they can communicate through the game.


This idea is developed on the monster mailbox. I thought sending and receiving messages in the office could be boring. Combine with my working experience, the fact is that it is hard for me to keep sitting as I need to get or send some things to other people. So I came up with this idea. Pigeon can send messages and items, also can get them back when needed.

Timetable cube

Still in the office, as every week, every day, there are many meetings and other schedules, I came up with the idea to make a timetable cube wall. The cubes are placed on the wall. Each color represents for on place or room when people select a color and press the cube, the cube would recognize the fingerprint and put this person’s photo on the cube with the background color as selected. So the wall would be like a place where people can see all the people's timetables. The wall would be connected to computers and photos, so people can edit it through these devices.


After the discussion, our team members have some suggestions on the ideas.

For the pigeons, it might decrease the working effectiveness an it is hard to control the amount and how it can be used in the office so people might not accept it.

The timetable is more visualized but not interesting enough. Because of the time and place are fixed, it is hard for people to play with the wall. So it becomes an enlarged timetable and not playful enough. It did not change the fact that office is mundane.

We hesitated between steamer and pong game after the discussion and asked advice from Lorna. Finally, settle down to the house pong game.

Prepare for the presentation

Not like before that each person would responsible for one part of the content, this time we decided to separate the work to video, audio, sketch and edit. I am response to the audio part. To make sure that we are working on the same content, on the one hand, we need to communicate frequently on Facebook, on the other hand, I decided to use a doc to communicate the working detail. So our team members can search for what they need to do.