Week 4

Xue Xia - Tue 31 March 2020, 1:17 am

From week 3 to week 4, we come up with our group topic base on the domain ‘body as controller’ and the posters of other students that we have viewed on the contact course. In the team discussion, each of us comes up with two ideas, then we discuss whether they meet the requirement of the assignment, such as if it is novel and open-ended. Then, we do an online search and deep thinking of the detail of the concept, such as how to achieve the concept, what is the value of the concept and the user group of the concept. We list our concepts when the second meeting. We discuss each of the concepts. Finally, we decided to do a stress-free zone by vote. The core technology we want to develop is that a boxing game which can let user release their pressure by doing boxing and by shouting out. Imgur

Base on the topic that we have chosen, I have come up with an idea that not accepted by the team but be agreed can be an additional section. I think the project called stress free “zone”, as a zone, only one way to help user release their pressure is not enough. So I do an online search of ways to release pressure, some elements that I find it useful to be added in the game is that deep breath, music, animal, bright color (Liu & Qu, 2017). To combine those elements with our game, an activity can be set before the game begins. To make the game begin, the activity asked the user to do deep breathing in the circumstance of light or classical music, pictures of nature of the animal, which have bright colors on it.

For preparing the presentation, we separate works, I do persona, team introduction, and general introduction of the space, technology, topic, and domain. When creating the personas, it makes me think more about the targeted users, such as how the design (our concept) attract the user to use, what kind of specific user in the user group are more likely to be attracted, what kind of specific requirements will be come up by the user and so on. In the presentation session, tutors give us two devices, one is finding more methods to help the user to release pressure. The other is that better visual effects can be used in the game, such as when the user does the action of Smashing, relevant effects like the vase broken will be showed on the screen. Due to some students drop the course, our team is combined with another team. In the following week, we will discuss the new topic that we want to do or choose one from two teams that we can use the feedback we have received. Imgur Imgur Imgur


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