Week 4

Jiayu Li - Tue 7 April 2020, 1:18 am
Modified: Thu 14 May 2020, 5:32 pm

Three other students and I were assigned to the "body as a controller group, and we determined several project directions through preliminary discussion and understanding in class.


  • for children with autism/ADHD - use the body instead of the brush (most children with autism are reluctant to express and prefer other ways of expression, writing, and painting can help them express)

For example: using your left hand to indicate a pen wipe your right hand to indicate a pen...

  • for those with claustrophobia (fear of the dark..)The plush toy can sense the child's temperature and control the brightness of the light
  • Decompression game: for the over-stressed using sound to create text, the text will show the specific text through speech recognition, with the text hit the monster. Wave at the monster start way, take some deep breaths (vibration) detection, with the relaxing music "classical music or the slower pace of the tune, you can relax, reduce stress" and picture or scene "humans and animals triggered when the body secretes a let a person feel comfortable" oxytocin, could help reduce stress and pain relief. Watching funny short films about animals can have a similar effect."Imgur
  • using face recognition technology, the user's face reconstruction is projected onto the screen and then the user can decorate it with virtual decorations provided and then print
  • the game to help the fitness within the limited area to touch the area users need to use physical contact to achieve the goal

Team Project

Then we decided on a topic through discussion. We decided to play an interactive game and control the game through body control.

[Stress - Free Zone]

  • Decompression gloves - for high-pressure people

The goal: to release stress because of environmental constraints

(Destroy objects by virtual impact -> simulates destroying/destroying objects in real life)

  • How to control
  1. "Boxing" gloves judge the strength of the user's swing by the strength of the vibration and start the game with voice control
  2. add a voice recognition feature to determine stress by the way the user yells and vents
  3. Add a leg-sensing feature (walking forward or in other directions in a virtual scene)

our domain is to relieve stress

Nowadays there are many people must face a lot of pressure every day which were from their work and life.

They usually don’t know how to vent or pour out.

As time went by, these people will produce depression and other psychological diseases.

According to our survey, most of the stress in life comes from work, so our target users will be office workers and students.

Secondly, our design is more game-oriented, so game lovers also will be our target users.

Our design was inspired by a poster. which is the machine prints words on the screen by recognizing speech. Then attack the targets with these words. Another inspiration was “Vent space, just like this picture, in this area user can let off steam by punching objects. the users will enjoy broken objects in this room

week 4