Week 4 - Critique

Sheryl Shen - Thu 26 March 2020, 3:01 pm

Nagging Cushion

A cushion that will vibrate in order to prompt people to take breaks when they have sedentary behaviours. The idea is comprehensive in aspects of implementation, technology use and feedback. The cushion will give both audio and change of texture output to the users to remind them. In my aspect, the only concern is that it requires the users to carry the cushion when leaving the chair, however, it will be quite annoying in the users’ aspects. The other output can be temperature, so that if it's summer season, the temperature of the cushion will rise as people sit on it and the users have to stand up and walk and take the cushion with them for lowering the temperature, and same idea for winter.

House pong game

The concept is that the families can play games like ping pong when doing chores, which motivates people to do house work in an interactive way. However, my concern for the concept is that if you want to prompt people to do chores, what technology will be used for them to see or feel the virtual ball. Since if the ball is projected or using AR technology, it doesn't really have an actual impact on the users if they are hitted.

Fire (Creative learning)

The game teaches people what tools to use when encounting fires and how to properly utilise those. The game will be built based on AR technology, and although with the vibration outputs, it is still less interactive. In my opinion, the concept can be changed into a physical implementation with tokens presenting different types of fire extinguisher. The installation can be a room or a wooden board with monitors showing different effects of the fires. The users can walk into the room and use the tokens to put down the simulated fire or simply navigate on the board to determine which fire extinguisher to use to eliminate the fire. By doing so, the users can have more hands on experience on how to extinguish fire as well as learn knowledge on the purpose of different types of fire distinguisher.