Week 4 Critique Reflection

Annan Yuan - Sun 29 March 2020, 1:35 pm
Modified: Sun 29 March 2020, 1:40 pm

Challenging the first week to have the studio online, especially had presentations and critiques, but it actually worked! Using WatchTogether makes the PowerPoint clearer to watch and most of the presentations easy to follow but I have to say I prefer to have a discussion face to face rather than online.

Most of the teams worked well and had interesting ideas/concepts and all of us still have some space to work on with.

Critique Reflection

Our team received 38 comments to help us improve our idea.


We organized them all and sorted them into several aspects below.

Physical Interactions

There were several comments point that our design is "too smart" to have physical interactions.

Motivate Users to Learn Emotion Management

Our design should let users learn to express themselves in a healthy way. We should design a function for users to actively express their dissatisfaction and learn to manage their emotions while being aware of their own emotions. Variations Reactions to Different Emotions and Words are needed.


We should not prevent users from expressing their emotions, and we should respect the way people express their emotions. Encourage them to vent their bad feelings instead of hiding them.


Our original design is based on speech detection. All the technologies are around the sound sensor which provides less physical interactions between users and our design.

In this case, we discussed making some changes. We discussed focusing on adding more physical interactions to provide users opportunities to interact with the flower rather than only let the flower detect what it heard. And this justification may prompt users to express themselves while being aware of their own emotions. Users are less likely to passively accept detection and judge their emotions, and more likely to actively and correctly express their emotions.

Moreover, Change the original state of death of the flower, and make the user realize that there may be a problem in the way of emotional expression at the moment in a better way, so as not to make the already negative emotions of the user more negative.