Week 4 - Feedbacks

Zhuoran Li - Sun 29 March 2020, 10:53 pm


After the presentation, it’s glad to see the reflections we have got. We have reviewed the feedback and I organized them. Basically, there are five perspectives that I think it’s really useful.


Through the feedbacks, the loudest sound is about safety. As we have done a body storm about how this concept could interact while cooking, people are considering whether waving the knife would become a dangerous action. We have to admit this possibility and think about solutions. There are three questions need to be discussed.

  • Is it suitable to join in the game while cooking?
  • If yes, how can the game change guarantee safety?
  • If no, will the person who is cooking feels isolated?

Right now, we still want to keep the kitchen part and have raised some solutions.

Using the feature of cooking. While people need to bounce the ball before, now the ball would fly to the thing that is chopped or cooked. People need to chop it three times or hold it on the spatula for 15 seconds, then the ball would go to the next person.

Change the form of the game. Actually, the kitchen is always a dangerous place. So, the ball would no longer show up in the kitchen. Instead of that, the ball would stay around the kitchen in a “no power” status and a family member need to remind the “chef” to press a button to trigger the ball again.

Whether these ideas would work is still need to be tested. And in the next week, we are planning to get some feedback through these ideas.


People have suggested adding some sounds to the concept. It could be one choice. But for the initial idea, the reason why we did not add to the sound it’s because, on the one hand, some people might like to listen to some music while doing housework, on the other hand, the sound might interrupt people’s communication. This is what we do not want to see.

So, yes, we would consider trying to add the sound. It can be a reminder to tell people the ball it’s coming. It can be a celebration when people have bounced the ball several times. It also can be a note to tell people where it’s the ball right now.

Young people involved

While most people agreed that the game could motivate young people to join in the housework, they are looking for the detail that how they can be motivated.

More interaction

We have already noticed that there are plenty of details we have not thought of. So, in the video, we also ask for advice. So, for more interaction, we are thinking about these possibilities:

  • To begin the game, family members are required to “have five”. The problem is how can the game sensor the action. Or it would be easier to trigger the game by saying a sentence together.
  • When someone fails to catch the ball, there would be a sound to indicate it and this person needs to hug one of the family members to restart the game.
  • When people are done the cleaning, they need to put the tools to the right place to quit the game.
  • A board would be added to the game, where people can see their grades during the game.


Some people talked about the real situation. As this is still housework and there are things need to be clean. How can this game promote people to do better cleaning? We think this advice it’s really useful as we have not thought about this before. It is easy to have a ball showing up where the table/ floor is dirty. But what about washing clothes and cooking, how can the game be connected to the housework? We now have not thought about solutions and this topic is reminded to next week.

Team change

As the course has changed a lot, one of our team members decided to drop the course. So, there are only three people left. We are concerning how much would be influenced because of the change and what we should do if some of the work cannot be completed because of the lack of people.

Hope this would not have much impact on the project.

What to do next

  • Get feedbacks for the new ideas.
  • Discuss the possibilities of interaction
  • Discuss the way to make the concept
  • Get ideas on how the game can be connected to the housework