Week 4 - First Team Meeting

Sheryl Shen - Thu 26 March 2020, 9:25 am
Modified: Fri 10 April 2020, 3:20 pm

We had our first meeting on 22/03 (Sunday), where the team concreted the concepts and completed the pitch. Each of us have done researches of synchronised learning and motor skills learning and then shared it to the team.

Problem space

Due to the prevalence of electronic devices, children are incorporating less motor skills to learn and play in their daily lives. There is solid evidence that infants and toddlers have difficulty transferring new learning from a 2D representation to a 3D object. [1]

Traditional learning techniques generally engage just two senses – hearing and vision – when providing access to information. Tangible Interaction promotes the concept of engaging multiple senses including vision, hearing, touch and even smell and taste as a medium for interacting with learning content. [2]


Itsy allows the user to learn at a more comfortable pace with more than one interactive inputs. This allow for a synchronized development of the brain. Targeting both creative and analytic part of the brain.


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The product allows children to interact with the limbs. (inspired from Bop it toy)