Week 4 Part 3

Rhea Albuquerque - Thu 26 March 2020, 8:59 am

Work that Inspired/Interested Me:

I came across this page called Trend Hunter. https://www.trendhunter.com/

It has all sorts of trends, art installations and interactive things that people have made. One particular on that interested me was the Interactive Glowing Globes Installation. Peru-based energy company Endesa must have had a rocking holiday party thanks to the DJ Lights installation. Created just for them, this interactive art installation responds to body movements with light and sound, making each individual their own DJ.

I was inspired by this has it meets all the criteras for our project: being playful, interactive and engages with a lot of people. This concept would be interesting to incorporate into a musical themed idea or even education and learning different colours or sounds.